Some Thoughts

I used the site to identify and add the content from the “handbook” that you wanted included in the course.  You can check it out by following the course topic links to the left. Subsections of the course can be expanded by clicking on the + button or by clicking on view all topics.

What we are doing here is kind of what I though we didn’t want to do ie. make an online version of the handbook. I really think you need to take a critical look at this content. There is way too much there and it’s not engaging. I think it should be parted down to a minimum, keeping only the critical parts that meet the objectives of this training. It really is training and not a course per se. You should then identify some media pieces or other artefacts that we can use to add value. As this is training, and there is no plan to have an instructor or support person directly involved in the course, there is really no opportunity to add interactive pieces like discussions or commenting.

A couple of examples oh how we can add more than text:

Create a form that can be filled in using pen or electronically to replace

Add in animations to illustrate scenarios:

(note that the video has some distortions as the Xtranormal site adds them in for their preview mode. The distortions disappear in the actual version.)

Leave you thoughts in the comments.