Circumstances That Must Be Reported

The Child, Family and Community Service Act sets out the circumstances under which you must make a report to a child welfare worker. You must report when you have reason to believe that:

  • a child has been, or is likely to be, physically harmed, sexually abused or sexually exploited by a parent or another person and the parent is unwilling or unable to protect the child
  • the child has been or is likely to be physically harmed because of neglect by the child’s parent
  • the child is emotionally harmed by the parent’s conduct
  • the child is deprived of necessary health care
  • the child’s development is likely to be seriously impaired by a treatable condition and the child’s parent refuses to provide or consent to treatment
  • the child’s parent is unable or unwilling to care for the child and has not made adequate provisions for the child’s care
  • the child is or has been absent from home in circumstances that endanger the child’s safety or well-being
  • the child’s parent is dead and adequate provision has not been made for the child’s care, or
  • the child has been abandoned and adequate provision has not been made for the child’s care.