What to Report

When making a report to a child welfare worker, it is helpful to include your name, your phone number and your relationship to the child. But you can make an anonymous call if you prefer. Use the provided form to include information such as:

  • the child’s name and location
  • whether there are any immediate concerns about the child’s safety
  • why you believe the child is at risk
  • any statements or disclosures made by the child
  • the child’s age and level of vulnerability
  • information about the family, parents and alleged offender
  • information about siblings or other children who may be at risk
  • whether you know of any previous incidents involving, or concerns about, the child
  • information about other persons or agencies closely involved with the child and/or family
  • information about other persons who may be witnesses or may have information about the child
  • information about the nature of the child’s disabilities, his or her mode of communication and the name of a key support person
  • any other relevant information concerning the child and/or family, such as language or culture

You do not need all this information to make a report. Just tell the child welfare worker what you do know. Time is of the essence in responding, so if you have concerns, do not delay.