Topic 2: Working Together

All of us – families, communities and service providers – share responsibility for the safety and well-being of all children. That means we must all work together.

In this topic, you will get a better understanding of your roles and responsibilities and those of community partners.

Be familiar with your organization’s internal protocols and guidelines that address how to respond to suspected child abuse and neglect.

Protocols are written agreements that set out specific details of how the parties work together.  They will provide guidance on the specific roles and responsibilities within your organization. Many organizations have protocols with MCFD or Delegated Aboriginal Child and Family Services Agencies that set out specific details of how they work together and share information to help keep children safe. If your employer or professional organization has a protocol in place with MCFD or a Delegated Aboriginal Child and Family Services Agency, you should be familiar with it. Check with your supervisor or the head of your organization.


In case of any inconsistency between protocols and the Child, Family and Community Service Act, the Act takes precedence.