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The following links will provide you with more information about legislation and other organizations involved with child safety and protection.


Child, Family and Community Service Act

Criminal Code of Canada

Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act

Infants’ Act

Victims of Crime Act

Other Organizations You May Wish to Contact

To contact a Suspected Child abuse or Neglect team in your area,
call Children’s Hospital at 604-875-2345 and ask for the Child
 Protection Service Unit

Representative for Children and Youth – Responsibilities of the 
Representative include advocating and supporting children and
 youth, protecting their rights, and making the child protection system
 more responsive, particularly for those who are most vulnerable.
 Phone: 1-800-476-3933 (Confidential, for all of B.C.)

Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner Victim LINK toll free 1-800-563-0808 has a 24 hour a day, 
multilingual, province-wide telephone service to locate a victim
 service program in your community or go to the web site at

Independent schools are guided by the document, Supporting Our
 Students: A Guide for Independent School Personnel Responding 
to Child Abuse which is at:

For more information about children witnessing family violence, 
see Best Practice Approaches: Child Protection and Violence
 Against Women at

Parent Support Services of BC is a non-profit, volunteer-based
 society whose mandate is preventing child abuse and promoting 
healthy parent-child relationships by supporting parents, families and 
communities. Phone: 1 800 665-6880

The BC Council for Families is a non-profit, non-governmental 
organization that supports families by providing resources, education 
and training to strengthen family relationships. Vancouver: 604 660-0675 Toll Free: 1 800 663-5638

In Your Grasp is an online resource for B.C. families jointly developed 
by the BC Federation of Foster Parent Associations, the Adoptive 
Families Association of BC and the Federation of Aboriginal Foster
 Parents. This resource provides direct and immediate access to
 information regarding support services and is available to ALL families
 in British Columbia.

Complaint Resolution Process for the Ministry of Children and Family Development
. If you don’t agree with a decision or action of the ministry, you
 can make a complaint to the Ministry of Children and Family 
Development. For more information about the complaint resolution
 process, click on or
 call your nearest Ministry of Children and Family Development office 
and ask for the person responsible for responding to complaints.

Responding to Child Welfare Concerns – Complaint Resolution Processes for the Delegated 
Aboriginal Child and Family Services Agencies. 
Each delegated agency has its own complaint resolution process. Contact the agency for more information. Contact information for
 delegated Aboriginal child welfare agencies can be found in the 
white pages, or online at:

The Ombudsman receives questions and complaints about the 
services provided by public agencies. The Ombudsman can conduct
 investigations to determine if a public agency is being fair to the 
people it serves. Phone: 1 800 567-3247 (all of B.C.)

The Public Guardian and Trustee protects the legal and financial 
interests of minors and acts in the roles of Trustee, Guardian of 
Estate and Litigation Guardian. Phone: 1 604 660-4444